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       Vintage Shaving Gear!

It started as a way to save a little money and make a daily chore a little more enjoyable.  Little did I know at the time that a growing passion for classic "wetshaving" would turn into this . . .

I find vintage and antique safety razors, both double and single edge, and restore them once again to serviceable condition. 

Shaving with a vintage razor is better for the environment,  plus they shave closer and smoother than any "modern" cartridge razor!  Razor blades are still available at a MUCH lower cost than cartridges!

For those who really want to turn back the clock and experience turn-of-the-century (20th, that is) shaving we also have straight razors available!

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Phone:        (603) 788-4158

Mobile:        (603) 481-0395


Snail Mail:    5 Fletcher Street                        Lancaster, NH


Vintage Shaving Gear

At the present time, I am not offering razors for sale on this page. Please contact me for availability and pricing. Or, you can click the link below to view present eBay auction items.

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Recently Restored Razors:

41 Ranger TechSheraton

Clockwise, from top left: 1941 Gillette Ranger Tech, 1938 Gillette Sheraton, George Wolstenholm & Sons Celebrated Pipe Razor, 1946 Gillette Milord